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About Leticia

I’m on a Mission:
Making Home Buying & Selling Easy and Dispute Resolution a Win-Win​
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Buying or selling a home can be tough. It’s not just a transaction; it’s a life-changing experience. It can be an exciting new beginning or the bittersweet ending of a treasured era in your life.


And you know what else can be challenging? Dealing with disputes in family or business relationships. Not only is it time-consuming and invasive, especially if you wind up in court, but also it’s an emotional rollercoaster ride.


The uncertainty of not knowing how or when you’ll get a resolution to your family or business dispute can put a real strain on your life—and your bank account. 


I’m Leticia C. Smith, founder of Legacy Homes and Lifestyles with Leticia Smith of Keller Williams Flagship of Maryland and LS Legal and Mediation Solutions, serving Maryland and Washington, DC.


It’s my mission to help you with two main things:


If you’re interested in real estate, I help navigate the home buying and selling process so you can discover the key to building your wealth and legacy through homeownership and real estate investments.


And if you need to resolve a conflict without the excessive time and expense of in-court litigation, I help you get your voice heard and guide you through the mediation process so you can choose fair, unbiased solutions on your own terms.

I understand your concerns and struggles, and I’m here to give you insight and share the advice you need to guide you through the process, whether you’re buying or selling a home or working to resolve a dispute within your family or business.


I put my extensive real estate training and experience plus my degrees in Political Science, Public Policy and Law to work to show you how the real estate industry operates so you can gain a competitive edge.


And as a certified mediator, I know how to work through the most challenging negotiations to get you the real estate deal that’s right for you or the best resolution to your family or business issue.


Here’s what a few of my awesome clients had to say about working with me:


Leticia Smith is EXCEPTIONAL! I’m a client of a “particular” nature that is not easily impressed. Leticia continues to meet and exceed my expectations. While working with her, I’ve observed her to be honest, thorough, communicative, anticipatory, focused, organized, engaging, professional, patient and knowledgeable. Even during times when she is unsure about a topic, Leticia finds out and follows up! I love that about her. Her work ethic and customer service skills are admirable. She is nothing short of successful in my eyes. I’m more than happy to work with Leticia. I made an EXCELLENT choice!!! — LaShaun Holmes


Leticia worked tirelessly and around the clock to ensure that we found our perfect home. We are very happy with the result, and would recommend her to anyone. — Lawson & Octavia Lipford-Cruz


Leticia was an awesome person to work with! The best, I would say. She always made me feel as if I was the only customer she had, or the one she liked the most at the time. Her communication and transparency is what I liked most. She is extremely professional and always went the extra mile for us. This process was the easiest with her and the loaner. We found something we really liked and at a good price and the rest was done in a month’s time. She is very client oriented and really does work for you and is very knowledgeable. We are really thankful. — Yasmin Mejia


It’s a plus to have a realtor with a legal background. Leticia provides detailed customer service and attention to your needs throughout the entire real estate process. Give her an opportunity and you’ll have a Realtor for life!! — Shameeka Hunt


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Now it’s your turn. Are you ready to find your dream home, invest, or sell your house so you can move on to the next leg of your wealth-building journey?


Are you ready to put an end to a nasty dispute—or end a conflict before it escalates out of control—and find a solution that leaves everyone feeling like they’ve been heard and understood?


Let’s get started.


When you schedule a consultation with me, you’ll get my expert advice on the exact steps we need to take to get you to your goal—whether it’s buying, selling, researching your options, or starting the mediation process—so you can move from fear and uncertainty to knowledge and confidence.


When you choose me as your Realtor, I’ll provide:


  • A personal, customized action plan


  • Expert guidance through the ins and outs of real estate so you can navigate the home buying and selling process with ease


  • Exclusive access to my network of elite business affiliates who can show you the quickest route to building wealth and a legacy for you and your family


  • A team to handle all the most complex tasks and transactional paperwork so you can focus on other important priorities in your life


  • Lifetime service as your go-to source for the buying and selling process right now—and in the future, too

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And when you choose me as your mediator, you’ll get:


  • An affordable alternative to costly and lengthy in-court litigation


  • A well-rounded and knowledgeable professional who understands legal issues and the court system


  • An honest, straightforward and sincere guide who values your concerns and puts your needs and desires first


  • Clear direction on how mediation works and the steps you need to take to get through the process


  • A feeling of satisfaction, knowing your voice has been heard, and you’ve reached a resolution to your conflict that satisfies everyone involved and gives you the relief you need so you can move forward in your life


Now, I don’t want you to think I’m all work and no play. To me, an important part of legacy-building and conflict resolution is finding a balance to create a life I love to live. So, when I’m not busy serving my clients, you can find me:


  • Spending time with my foodie family and friends, usually at a cookout (featuring our favorite Maryland steamed crabs) or trying out restaurants all over the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia area (or “The DMV” as we locals call it)


  • Catching a good movie at the theater—or curling up on the couch to enjoy one at home


  • Giving back through my church, civic and community service activities


  • Binge watching HGTV and the Hallmark Channel


  • Traveling and experiencing our beautiful world


How about we continue this conversation? I’ve told you some things about me; now I’d love to learn about your goals and how I can help you accomplish them.


If you’ve been thinking of making a move—buying your first home, purchasing a move-up property, or investing in real estate to increase your cash-flow and net worth—now’s the time.


Or if you’ve been spinning your wheels, trying to navigate the court system, or you haven’t started the litigation process and want to avoid it at all costs, now’s the time to try mediation so that you—not the court system—can control the outcome.


Don’t delay your goals and aspirations any longer. Click “Request a Real Estate Consultation” or “Request a Mediation” so I can take you by the hand and show you the way forward to accomplishing your goals.

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